Caught in the Light

(About this image) Caught in the Light - Top floor of launch area 3 of a Titan 1 missile base.

Top floor of the Equipment Terminal of Launch Area 3, one the few un graffitied places of this missile base. Four floors make up each of the equipment terminals in the base. To absorb the shock of a nuclear attack, each floor was able to move independently from the structure. Level 1, the bottom floor sits on a series of heavy springs while the upper three floors are suspended in air by horizontal beams and spring supports. In this photograph you can see the red highlighted beams bolted to the wall and one vertical spring support on the right. In front of the vertical spring is the ethylene glycol plumbing, highlighted by a white light. The space between the wall and floor (where I situated my red lights) is covered with neoprene sheeting.

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