Casting a Shadow

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Casting a Shadow

I have an addiction. I love old cameras and I love raiding yard sales for bargains. A few weeks back while at one particular yard sale I found a Yashica Lynx-14, it weighs a ton, partly due to its huge, high quality 50mm f/1.4 lens. Being a child of the 60’s it uses PX 625 mercury batteries, so metering with a 1.5v alkaline battery gets interesting. For $5 it’s an absolute bargain.

This photo is another shot from the storm last weekend that came over Mt. Rosalie. Posts might be a bit thin in the coming weeks, I’m heading off back to New Mexico tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll squeeze in the occasional upload 😉

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14 Responses to “Casting a Shadow”

  1. Nick

    Fantastic storm image. I can feel the storm around me. Great BW. Love the rocks in the loer right side.

  2. david

    as someone who cant stop buying old cameras either, you have my commiserations. But who can you blame you when they produce terrific shots like this.

  3. clarence

    I can understand your addiction, I suffer from this as well, although not to the extent of hunting antique cameras down and buying. Regardless, this is a quality image by a skilled shooter.

  4. {H} creatives

    Another amazing shot! Love the capture of the rain to come…that cloud is just awesome! And the earth…beautifully processed in b/w!


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