Best Friends Forever

(About this image) Best Friends Forever - A pair dolls sit patiently on a shelf for their owner to return.

A pair of dolls wait patiently on a shelf for their owner to return. The cabin they were in looks like it was mostly untouched for decades, children’s toys, clothing and school work scattered about, decaying in place from the elements. Broken windows letting in wind and rain.  What action would make a child leave her beloved dolls behind? Sitting, waiting.

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7 Responses to “Best Friends Forever”

  1. Remus

    A friendship that resists the flavor of time. But in the meantime, who was a child, today is no longer a child.
    Powerful photo. Full of meaning.

  2. omar

    Looks a bit scary! Reminds me on a bad horror movie. But anyhow a great picture with a strong statement.

  3. Arjan - PlasticDaisy

    This is so beautiful and also a little sad. I’m amazed at these places you find in which time has stood still and no one came to disturb a scene from years and years ago. Really wonderful!

  4. Lotta

    Strong and sad photo. Makes me think of my grandmother who had a stron oppinion on how to take care of dolls. She knitted clothes to them and told me how to take care of them so that they should look proper as she said 🙂


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