Where the Air is Still

(About this image) Where the Air is Still - Self portrait inside a Titan 1 Missile Silo
Where the Air is Still - Self portrait inside a Titan 1 Missile Silo

A self portrait in a dark place. Today I was back at the Titan 1 site with the goal of capturing an alternate view of the dark and quiet. Each time I leave, I gain more a little more insight into the thoughts behind the sites creation and an understanding of the human energy that went into the construction of a weapon of mass destruction.

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7 Responses to “Where the Air is Still”

  1. shooter

    What I find most depressing is thinking of the cost of all of these globally and what one could have done with this dollar instead. If only we as a race could have found the wisdom and insight to avoid it all.

    • Will Williams

      You’re absolutely right Shooter, it was a tremendous cost and waste of resources. But what makes this waste even more pronounced was that all of these installations were only operational for 4-5 years AND were developed alongside the Atlas missile system that also had a similar deployment lifespan. However, through the energy spent of these weapons, huge advances were made in rocketry. They’re development lead to the Gemini space program and later Titan rockets were used for decades to launch satellites into space.


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