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As artists we start down a path or project with a set of objectives for that venture, we think our vision is clear and the path is straight. But time has a way of altering the trajectory of that path and subconscious choices and decisions ultimately carve an artists style. This set of circumstances has certainly played a major role in the evolution of my photographic work.

I started my photographic journey on the digital format but soon devolved back to 35mm and 120 format mediums, trying to find a more primitive camera than the last started to become an obsession!

Throughout all my experimentation one thing remained consistent, the subject of all my past cameras was largely about forgotten and abandoned locations. The marks left by those passing through or the consumption of the manmade world by the forces of nature and resulting entropy have long held a fascination for me.

This site has gone through many iterations and first came online in 2003, however it didn’t become dedicated portfolio of my photographic work until July 2006. The website platform has migrated from WordPress to Pixelpost and finally back to WordPress, bringing with it each time the entire archives.

Will Williams -

The author and photographer of Perspective Images Photography

Perspective Images Photography Manifesto

The goal of this long project is complex and multifaceted. We camouflage our lives in the comfortable surroundings we create. A society wide apathy permeates through our culture, fueled by the over saturation by media outlets, both social and conventional. Our lives are defined by big box stores and chain restaurants, the great plague of our times isn’t the next looming terrorist threat but the problems we look away from and the personal devices we typically look to. Perspective Images aspires to be the paradoxical mirror being held up to everything we hold dear, casting a reflection that shows how fragile our invented world really is.

On the flip side, Perspective Images Photography is a project about recording our past, providing a narrative for the nameless masses that passed by. Every person that passes through the world leaves an imprint. The types of impressions can range from the highlights of ones life, a child’s room or a family gathering place. It could be a place of work where someone has taken pride in the craft they have chosen. Alternatively it could be a place of malice, a facility designed to kill tens of millions of people!

Each location I photograph is unique and my ambition is capture these imprints that those before us have left behind. I see them as the real world “ghosts”, we might not know their creators names and it’s possible no one now does, but these people have left the tiniest echo on the place they have touched. Whatever the intentions of our precursors, I hope to capture a glimpse of their passing.

Decaying Dreams -

A decaying and abandoned miners home, a relic from Colorado's ming boom sits patiently in it's long process of entropy.View Image

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    Hi Will… i have just read through your “About Perspective Images” and i am sure that you have a lot to share… keep in touch and i will be back to visit as often as i can….peter:)


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