A Story Old

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A Story Old

I love poking through old caves, aside from the inherit dangers of waking large furry critters, they can offer some amazing finds and unique photo opportunities. Early this spring while on a photography expedition through the Gila National Forest, I was detoured through the ‘Ghost Town’ (though I think this label is a little out dated, it looked pretty lively to me!) of Chloride NM. Hiking up the Geronimo Trail I came across a series of Native American Indian pictographs. What captivates me so much about these paintings is that they are a record, a real story of a people who lived in a sometimes brutal environment. Kind of puts modern man to shame with his thousands of dollars worth of survival gear.

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2 Responses to “A Story Old”

  1. Nate

    I like that you mention their environment was brutal, that is so true. A lot of folks tend to romanticize the way these people lived. It wasn't easy. I love the photo… Good Job… Where are you from? Are you near NM?

  2. hikerdad

    Dude! I've lived in NM for 6 years and only visitede the Gila once so far. I loved it! I'd like to meet people like you to hike and exsplore with. Loved your thoughts.


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