A South Park Winter

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A South Park Winter

Winter over South Park, Colorado.
This photoblog feels like it’s been neglected for a while now. I’ve been flat out busy at a new job, on a Wildland Firefighting crew, hopefully there will be some good fire photos soon 😉

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27 Responses to “A South Park Winter”

  1. rian

    ooh.. looking forward to images from that series then.. but this one would suffice for now.. simply awesome is all i could say.. 😀 excellent shot!

  2. michele

    this is excellent. i like the patterns on the snow – they go so well with the lines of the tree. be careful out there with those fires – look forward to seeing the images.

  3. Laurie

    The blues work well to convey the cold here. Beautiful.

    I hope the snow is finally done for this year. I think we are in the clear here now.

  4. gavin hart

    This actually looks cold! I think it is the color temperature, particularly in the blues that convey that feeling. The light, intensity and contrast are great. I like the way the light glances the foreground snow and models the contours so nicely. Beautiful glow in the distant sky as well.

  5. Claus Petersen

    You have really brought out some amazing colors in this cold landscape, but I would have liked to see a little more details of the tree!


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