34 Responses to “Winter Dreams”

  1. gavin hart

    Ooooh, that's impressive – such a wild place – nature displaying it's pristine beauty. Excellent point of view – the angles are great. Added this one to my VFXY collection.

  2. Olaf

    Cool place and shot too. I hope we will see your pictures next year ahead. Have great new year, maybe not so cold ;-)

  3. Mike Blanchard

    It is an unusual perspective for that location. I like for that reason alone but I also like the winter 'feel' of the image with all the snow and clouds. Good work.

  4. nissou*

    gorgeous view with those blue tones. I think we all want to be a traveller like you when seeing your images. thanks for sharing

  5. m a r t a

    Oh wow, breathtaking. This is such a beautiful picture. I visited Grand Teton mid September, all green, blue sky. It's amazing how a location can change through the seasons. I would love to see it like that.


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