What Happened?

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What Happened?

Abandoned farm house in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.

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33 Responses to “What Happened?”

  1. Reiner

    You have this empty and abandoned place very well captured. The vignetting intensifies this impression. Great photo.

  2. grant

    beautiful, lonely photo. it looks unusual to me even for an abandoned building – almost looks like it was abandoned without ever being used. i'd love to know.

  3. Astrid

    This is my kind of picture, love the lonely feeling in this one….once it was loved by people and now it is alone……

  4. Nicki

    Do you know the Holga (Lomo)? It looks like taken with such an camera. Realy great, mystic “criminal” style. Well done!

  5. michele

    lovely sense of space with this. was reading this morning about early prairie landscapes and how the commercial use ones were deliberately cropped close so as not to give a true impression the of the isolation. you've done exactly the opposite here – very nice.

  6. martie

    Nice composition and framing. It provides us with a real sense of space – perhaps that it why the people left. It is not easy living so far out.

  7. Elaine-

    who knows, maybe it was death that happened… that's kind of what the image looks like to me… it's very beautiful tho

  8. sherri

    My first instinct was a Holga, but it looks a little less blurred than normal. Had to read it…

    This image couldn't be more perfect.

  9. Sean

    While there was clearly plenty of light here, I like the softness of the shot. The open surroundings help to enhance the sense of abandonment. Great work.


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