Those Who Were Left Behind

(About this image) Those Who Were Left Behind - A forgotten soft toy on the floor of an abandoned house

I suppose there was no room for this poor guy when the family left the house, I wonder if he was missed?

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2 Responses to “Those Who Were Left Behind”

  1. Robert

    Cheers for letting me know about this post… I would love to have seen this.. I would have looekd a bit weird there because I would have been smelling the wood. I still call into the wood yard where I once worked… to see the lads and of course to see, touch and smell the different woods. I got great pleasure to see the rough sawn wood come into the workshop and go out again as doors, windows stairs and such like. I also enjoyed staining and poishing the doors before leaving.. looking at the grain.. A great post for anyone to see but an even better one for a ‘Wood-olic like me :O)

  2. Arjan - PlasticDaisy

    Oh no! Baby Hoth Wampa got left behind! (okay, that one was only for the Star Wars nerds 😉 )
    But it is a somewhat sad image. That bear still looks so fuzzy and cure! Indeed makes me wonder if someone misses him.


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