Harsh Independence

(About this image) Harsh Independence

A derelict workshop at Independence Mine, Alaska. I’ve found that structures, over time eventually begin to mimic they’re natural surroundings, blending in and harmonizing with nature. The features and details of these buildings have become delicate and fragile, much like the slow growing, high country vegetation. One wrong footstep and both are destroyed.


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3 Responses to “Harsh Independence”

  1. Baba

    I never felt mona lisa was such a great work. so mr. bean just made it a little bit worse. also all trontiiadal chinese artists liked to draw these fatty women, WHY!!!???there is really some point in this aftermodern view. even not including the landscape camp. it’s quite true in all intellectual activities. but i guess philosophy is kind of zen nowadays, that’s why you can’t really tell what you are saying science is better, I guess because we state what is true and what is not at the very beginning (at least most of the time). so we can tell when we’re wrong.


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