Grand Colorado

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Grand Colorado

I was trying to find something “BIG” out of the Grand Canyon set for my 300th image posting, hopefully this one fits the bill 🙂

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41 Responses to “Grand Colorado”

  1. don

    A beautiful scene to enjoy! I like the vivid detail on the right bank which we fill in for the large mass on the left. The gorgeous water and that deep sky complete what is a very successful and “huge” looking picture.

  2. claire

    wow! beautiful as always! this is something you see in a magazine. just beautiful! congratulations on your 300th posts. 😀

  3. Jennifer

    Wonderful rich colors and textures caught in the rock. I love the use of light and dark to create the composition. Captivating!

  4. JJ

    you got your wish this is super Big, what an amazing landscape so skillfully captured, amazing reflections also, your work is inspiring

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