Failed Harvest

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Failed Harvest

Lone rider passing an abandoned harvester, near the ghost town of Giles, Utah.

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22 Responses to “Failed Harvest”

  1. sherri

    I have to wonder how long that's been sitting there. Looks like something from the very early 1900's to me. What an incredible find. I like how you captured the cowboy too.

  2. david

    i love shots like this of abandoned and decaying machinery; fine mood and the scenery is great…but the addition of the lone rider moves this shot up a gear.

    were you mounted too? how do you travel in these areas?

  3. John Maslowski

    Definitely captured the ghost town effect with this image. Excellent dark contrasts and tones in this fascinating image. The lone rider really enhances the mood in this great compostion.

  4. rian

    it's an awesome capture indeed.. having the cowboy in there really sets the mood here too.. great work! 🙂

  5. Liang

    very cool place to photograph. and the angle is superb. and yes the cowboy adds more interest to the shot indeed!

  6. gavin hart

    This is great. The vignette creates a strong focus effect and helps evoke mystery in the shadowy peripheral areas. A totally successful piece of work in my view.

  7. joe

    oh wow. kind of like a movie shot. the lone horseman approaching in a steep canyon. very western. great shot.

  8. Susan

    Definitely feels as if time has taken a leap backwards. Love the vignette and the processing here-works very well!


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