At the End of it All

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At the End of it All

Slide scan from the Pentax zx-50 of Darwin, Australia.
Ever have one of those images that you just can’t get right? Too light, too washed out, too much saturation or not enough?? This was one of those!

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14 Responses to “At the End of it All”

  1. Martin

    The long exposure works very well here. It emphasizes the hardness of the rocky shore. The high saturation fits the scene. Great shot!

  2. Kim

    Yes, I've had images like that. After an hour trying to “fix” them, I've just given up and filed them away. I really do like this one Will – the darkness of the shore provides a wonderful reflection of the sunset colors. Very nice shot!

  3. puzzled

    I don't believe you, Will. This one is just right in light … actually, better than just right! And the saturation is great. I love this kind of slow shutter water shot to begin with, but with the tone you've captured and the lighting, … well, I just think it's perfect!

  4. Sherri

    I know what you mean, but when it happens to me it's because I know what it looked like when I took the pic. This is a beautiful image with lovely colors 🙂

  5. david

    it looks great to me…but then i wasn't there; it is difficult sometimes when trying to marry the image with your memory.


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