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The lighting and decay inside this abandoned home was perfect for this shoot. Very little remained at this broken down home except for a few chairs. This house is one of the many victims of the encroachment of heavy industry into former rural areas....
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Story Time

Children's books lie crumbling in the dirt at an abandoned orphanage. Not much remains of the structures on this property, the most of the buildings have either collapsed or salvage crews have stripped anything of value. But here and there small clu... View Image

Loss of Control

The control room for the feedlot with it's windows smashed and paint peeling, the long slow decay. I artificially lit the inside of the room with portable red and white work lights, for that extra bit of drama ;-)... View Image

Opening the Flood Gates

The floor of the feedlot was inches thick with pigeon poop, when the owners moved out, the birds moved in. At least I hope that was the order of events.... View Image