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Without a Driver

I found this broken down collection of various modes of transportation at the end of a long day of exploring 0ld mines and industrial sites. Most of the day was disappointing, the locations I visited were either run down trash heaps, Superfund sites ...
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A Warm Place

I found the contrast between the warm glow coming through the curtains and the long, virtually undisturbed decay very striking at this location. Hangers and bedding, remnantsĀ of the last day of the buildings occupation lay where their owner left the... View Image

Road Warrior

I found this old Chevy while hiking around some abandoned mining roads, it appears to have washed down hill amongst the tailings from a gold mine. Everything seemedĀ to be present on the truck, motor, seats, wheels etc., perhaps it's former owner too... View Image


I honestly have no idea what the role of this piece of equipment at the mine served but needless to say, it's a massive hunk of machinery.When most of placer gold dried up in the early 1860s, miners started to dig up the hard rock deposits, this form... View Image