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Belly of the Beast

Sitting in a field in rural Wyoming, this doomsday machine now resembles a slumbering Transformer. This is the cradle of an Atlas D ICBM, decommissioned in 1965 after just four years of service. After the Atlas D's were retired many went on in servi...
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Loss of Power

Too difficult to salvage, too condemned to demolish. An electric motor sits abandoned at a former sugar mill, choking dust mixing with the engine grease and gear oil to create a toxic paste.... View Image

Good Neighbors

Snow melt floods the hallway of the top floor apartments above the ghost towns general store. What would have the conversation between these neighbors been the day the call came for the community to abandoned the town? Did they have to choose what... View Image

This Empty Home

Empty overturned draws, broken windows and peeling wallpaper is what this former home at an abandoned mining town has been reduced to. 30 years of blowing snow, mountain storms and the occasional vandal have eaten away at the towns structures. A mode... View Image