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I'm not sure what was more strange about this doll... The condition it was in or location it was found! The doll was found amongst other toys at an abandoned feedlot/grain depot in Colorado.Another mile stone for Perspective Images Photography, this ...
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I Called but No One Answered

I guess the feedlot won't be taking phone orders any more! Light from a collapsed section of roof streams in at just the right angle to highlight the smashed office phone of the feedlot.... View Image

When the Wall’s Fell

Windows and walls shored up against the harshness of the mountain environment can't hold back the forces of nature for ever. This could be seen as a metaphor for the non-fat grande latte world we live in.... View Image

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Remanent's of someones former life are scattered across the floor of this bedroom at an abandoned mountain home. Was it an emergency or a clean start and they walk away from a chapter in their life?... View Image