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disappearing world, one click at a time.
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I love shooting abandoned locations, the atmosphere and humanity of some of the places I visit almost shout their story. But at times the personalities imparted on my photographic subjects get too loud and a step back to refocus my direction is requ...
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Sit Down, Relax Awhile

Was it the owners last night in the house? Was the bottle left there on the way out the door? Rats now call this mountain cabin home. I typically shoot all my photos as sets of 3 bracketed images and merge them into one single HDR image in post produ... View Image

Nothing Worth Watching

The signal has been long missing for this 80's era television at an abandoned Colorado mountain home and once loved toys sit lost and forgotten.... View Image

Lost Melody

Shoved into a corner, gathering dust and being buried by old shipping envelopes, the school house piano has seen better times. I'm assuming this instrument has had many years use in the belated classrooms of this school and once was accompanied by th... View Image