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Four steps were required to bring oxygen into the missile base to provide fresh air for personnel and for the base's diesel powered Power House. After the air comes through the blast valves it past into the dust collectors, then to the copper heati...
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Red Alert

Looking down from the Power House of a Titan 1 missile base towards the air intake. On the left, the shock proof ethylene glycol lines still remain on their spring mounting. When the base was decommissioned, the contractors stripped everything inc... View Image

Flood Water

After rappelling into a Titan 1 missile base, a fellow explorer and I worked out way towards the Power House. Peering down the tunnel our first sight was the crane and intact baffling (to reduce the noise from the diesel generators) and even light bu... View Image

Forbidden Entrance

Looking up from the bottom of the elevator shaft at the main entrance of a Titan 1 missile base. The elevator and massive three and half feet thick concrete doors at the top have permanently been closed and shut down, they will never see the light ... View Image