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Curtains dripping from the curtain rods and ceiling and floor crumbling and soaked from last winters snow fall. When the floor boards bend when you step on them and you see light through their cracks, you know you need to be hyper vigilant of your su...
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A Good Read

A life times collection of books, newspapers and magazines are stacked in every available free space at this abandoned eastern plains home.... View Image

Best Friends Forever

A pair of dolls wait patiently on a shelf for their owner to return. The cabin they were in looks like it was mostly untouched for decades, children's toys, clothing and school work scattered about, decaying in place from the elements. Broken windows... View Image

A Sleepless Last Night

It's a sobering reminder of what happens to us all when we age. The life time of possessions that we collect and surround ourselves with will one day have to be dealt with by someone else. That's usually the case, sometimes the world we've created is... View Image