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Shoved into a corner, gathering dust and being buried by old shipping envelopes, the school house piano has seen better times. I'm assuming this instrument has had many years use in the belated classrooms of this school and once was accompanied by th...
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Shine On

Walking through this school house, I not only had to look down at where I was walking but up as well. The crumbling plaster is falling in heavy chunks, a piece of that detritus landing on my head would make for a bad day. I loath seeing such a beauti... View Image

Between the Walls

The sad, ignominious end for an impressive school house. The walls and ceiling crumbling, windows broken or boarded and the winter elements drafting through, chipping away at it's foundations. This is not the way a place of learning should go.... View Image

Walk the Halls

The stairs and halls of the old school house has amazingly detailed wood work, no expense was spared on the craftsmanship. To see such hard work fall into disrepair and decay I'm sure would be heartbreaking to the builders. As a kid, I would have gl... View Image