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disappearing world, one click at a time.
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"I've been through a desert on a horse with no name..." Why do I have that song stuck in my head? I don't even have a horse and I'm sure after everything fell apart, there aren't any horses left. Heck, finding a solid pair of boots is becoming a chal...
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Pull up a Chair

Pull up a chair they said, we have something to tell you. "Remember that industrial complex we passed through 2 weeks ago?" How could I not. It looked like a place the group could hunker down and rest for awhile. The structures looked sound, as well ... View Image

Flow Interruption

The group has a lot of time on it's hands these days, there's none of the old distractions to consume our attentions. Passing our down time is achieved by reminiscing our memories. One popular subject that circles the group conversation is what we mi... View Image

Nuclear Christmas

Someone told me christmas had passed, again. We weren't exactly planning on putting the tree up this year anyway, time moves at a different pace in this wasteland. A living, surreal painting where the ambient light of day makes the time drag unnatura... View Image