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disappearing world, one click at a time.
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The control room for the feedlot with it's windows smashed and paint peeling, the long slow decay. I artificially lit the inside of the room with portable red and white work lights, for that extra bit of drama ;-)...
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Opening the Flood Gates

The floor of the feedlot was inches thick with pigeon poop, when the owners moved out, the birds moved in. At least I hope that was the order of events.... View Image

There is No Exit

Myself and a fellow Urbexer explored the inner workings of an abandoned feedlot yesterday. This important distribution junction between the mighty U.S agriculture industry and rail system is now home to a mass of pigeons and a few lucky owls.For th... View Image

What’s Cookin’

Hmm, the smell of turkey roasting in the oven when coming in from the dry cold. Potatoes, roasted in garlic with browned, crispy skin. The ambient background noise of non-distinguishable chatting and laughter. Most members of the party have similar... View Image