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This Empty Home

Empty overturned draws, broken windows and peeling wallpaper is what this former home at an abandoned mining town has been reduced to. 30 years of blowing snow, mountain storms and the occasional vandal have eaten away at the towns structures. A mode...
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Sleeping Dragon

The briefly lit long dark tunnels of the Titan 1 behemoth slowly rust in its deep, dark quiet. Like a slumbering dragon that once looked over the earth. How far this menacing beast has now fallen.... View Image

Escape Plan

One of only two ways in or out of a Titan 1 missile complex, the emergency escape tunnel. If something went wrong below ground the crew would have to scale the 160ft ladder to the surface, and in a time of war, hope that conditions above ground were ... View Image

Worldwide Delivery

"Worldwide Delivery in 30 minutes or less - or the next one is free". Scouring through the internet I found a photo with that catch phrase painted onto a door inside a missile base in the style of Dominos Pizza. You can't beat a bit of dark humor. ;... View Image