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A mechanical eye, devoid of emotion or compassion, ceaselessly absorbing the world. The immortal cyclops, watching its flock without prejudice, surveilling all and missing none. A faithful servant of a tireless machine guided by logic and parameters....
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A recent class I enrolled in on the history of western civilization, had me read Plato's Republic Book VII: Section I. The allegory Plato presented was of a prisoner in a cave being released and seeing the moon, stars and sun for the first time. In t... View Image

Urban Gods

I stumbled across this shrine, nestled between buildings on three sides and surrounded by brick and glass. An unexpected organic sanctuary amid a manmade environment, coexisting with the urban facade of New York City's lower east side. Anomalous, q... View Image

Fly Away

Much of our lives reside behind glass. Devices and computers are a glass divide between a representation of an existence and the digitally corrupted analog world we breath. It's a pattern of division and distraction, we can't avoid it. Behind the gla... View Image