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The line between our physical lives and online identities is blurring. Are our legitimate digital identities overlapping with our idealized personas or avatars? Or is the structure of information that makes us unique, decaying like bad pixels in an i...
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Distortion of Power

Parts of New Jersey are bleak. New York City's resource ravenous financial engine, an uncontainable sprawl, consumes the wetlands to the west. Parallels to dystopian fiction are not subtle and the similarities to the cyberpunk literary genre are stri... View Image


I headed out before the storm started last night to shoot this side street. The building has fascinated me for a long time. Power and phone cables drape from above the door ways, contrasting against the aged texture of the brick work. Without the gli... View Image

Neon Shift

Neon light filters into every corner, no space is immune to its reach. The glow holds Objects, people and buildings in an inanimate stasis, vibrating to the cities lower frequency. Flickering shifts of perception, momentarily tear through the neon gr... View Image